Students Reflect on a Killer Halloween 

Owen Whaley ‘24
Features Editor

“This Halloweekend my friends and I decided to dress up as the cast of “Shrek.” We were very excited to have Halloween back on campus so we went all out—green face paint, red hairspray for Fiona, and everything.” – Monica Regan ‘23 

“So many memories were made this weekend. My favorite costumes were probably a pilgrim and a vampire. Best Halloween ever.” – Owen Whaley ‘24 

“It was awesome seeing everyone get together in their costumes this weekend. Some of my favorites were a FedEx driver, a cowboy, and Buzz Lightyear. It was also nice that they gave out candy at Kimball on Sunday, which reminded me of when I was little. It was a really rainy weekend, but we all managed to have a great time celebrating indoors.” – George Caldwell ‘24 

“Celebrating Halloweekend at Holy Cross this year felt extra special due to the pandemic. It felt great getting to mingle with classmates and meet new people. I was reminded of how energetic and fun the community can be!” – Erin Reinhart ‘23 

“Halloweekend was fantastic! It was great to see everyone dressed up in their costumes while I and other RAs passed out candy. The spirit in the halls was electric, and that’s what I love about the Holy Cross community.” – Mitchell Swick ‘24

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