Pumpkin Carving Kicks Off Halloween Festivities!

Caroline Muniz  ‘23
Features Editor

Hallo-weekend on the Hill began with pumpkin carving and cookie decorating sponsored by CAB! On Oct. 29, Loyola Ballroom was packed with students ready to create their own spooky masterpieces!

College of the Holy Cross students were welcomed to the event by the sounds of “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and other spooky music as well. They entered Loyola Ballroom through an inflatable archway of a scary ghost guarding two gravestones. Although masks were required, you could still see that everyone was smiling throughout the entire event. 

Students were also able to carve their very own pumpkins! CAB provided the students with supplies and a pumpkin to carve themselves. They had to do all the steps including cutting out the insides and the seeds. There were many great creations, and now there are jack-o-lanterns taking residence in some dorms around campus! 

Marcella Archambeault ‘23 attended the event and had a great time! “This is my favorite Halloween event because I really wanted to carve a pumpkin but didn’t have any supplies,” Archambeault said. 

CAB was able to provide cookies, frosting, and all kinds of decorations to top off their tasty creations. The cookies were cut into festive shapes such as pumpkins, and students were able to frost and decorate them to take back to their dorms for later. Some even ate them right after decorating. 

Since classes were held remotely last year, it was especially great to see students come together to celebrate Halloween in person. During this hard time, CAB was able to host events for Halloween such as the Spooky Sweets Showcase and an online costume contest. It is not news that they know how to celebrate the holiday. 

Needless to say, Holy Cross was not lacking in Halloween spirit this year! There were also many other spooky events that took place this weekend such as the ACT Murder Mystery Party and Wicked Workouts: Glow Yoga.

Thank you to CAB for hosting such a great event!

Photo by Caroline Muniz  ‘23

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