Red Sox Nation Mourns the Loss of Jerry Remy

Colin Healy ’25

Staff Writer

All of Red Sox Nation was dealt a blow when we woke up Halloween morning. News broke that our beloved Jerry Remy passed away from lung cancer at the age of 68. Affectionately known as RemDawg, Remy laced up for the Sox from 1978 to 1984. In 1988, he joined the NESN broadcast team and remained in the booth for 33 years, all the way up to this past season. In this time, he became a Red Sox legend and fan favorite. The broadcast booth at Fenway Park has lost one of the greats, and no Red Sox game will ever be the same.

As a Sox fan who lives in New York, listening to games on NESN is a rarity. Make no mistake, though, every time I’m in New England, I’m tuning in and watching my team. Jerry Remy’s voice was unmistakable on those broadcasts. I remember the dynamic duo of RemDawg and Don Orsillo calling games and cracking up in the booth. They made themselves laugh a lot and made us viewers laugh a lot too. When Orsillo left NESN and Dave O’Brien came in as a replacement, Remy was still there, picking up with O’Brien right where Orsillo left off. Even when the Sox had off years, Remy and the guys in the booth made watching games worthwhile.

Due to his battle with cancer, Remy was in and out of the booth for a long time. He fought through multiple diagnoses, always bouncing back with the unmatched support of Red Sox Nation. He was a fighter, there was no doubt. When he announced in August of this year that he was stepping away again for treatment, all of us Sox fans continued to show Remy just how much the fanbase loved him. Remy connected with fans of all ages, from the ones old enough to remember his days in uniform to the younger generations who grew up with him on the call. 

Photo Courtesy of Maddie Meyer, Getty Images

Remy threw out the first pitch at Fenway on Oct. 5 for the Wild Card game against the archrival New York Yankees. I was in attendance for that game, and as Remy rode onto the field in a cart, the deafening cheers echoed through the stadium. There is no doubt that a few tears were spilled. All of us at the Park that night were so happy to see Remy, so happy to see our beloved color commentator take the field for what we didn’t know would be the last time. After he tossed out that first pitch, we all knew the Sox were going to end the Yankees’ season that night.

This news is tough to swallow. NESN broadcasts will be missing an essential element next season. Still though, Remy’s influence will continue to impact Red Sox Nation for years to come. After all, we know that legends never die. So rest in peace, RemDawg. We will always be thankful for the great calls you gave us, the laughs and cries, and the feelings of excitement that reminded us how great it is to be a Red Sox fan.

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