COPE Hosts Intention Patch to Promote Positivity and Mental Health

Mary Cronin ‘22

News Editor

On Thursday, Oct. 28, the Counseling Outreach Peer Educators (COPE) sponsored an interactive art project titled “Intention Patch,” which aimed to make people stop and reflect about their mental health. Students and faculty could stop by the table in Hogan, taking a break out of their busy, stressful day to make an intention regarding their mental health. They could write down an intention, and then pin it to the board, contributing to an entire “patch” of positive ideas to be more mindful and practice self care. While pinning their own intention, people could view other ideas already in the patch and get even more inspiration. Hosting this event in October is even more meaningful, as October is Mental Health Awareness month. Overall, this activity advocated for students to take care of themselves and their mental health during a time when schoolwork, extracurriculars, and social lives have become fast-paced and intense. 

COPE member Liv Baldi ‘22 reflected on this event, saying, “The intention patch was a tabling event in which Counseling Outreach Peer Educators talked with students and encouraged them to brainstorm one intention or goal to better their mental health for the remainder of the semester. The intentions were written on orange cards and posted to the ‘intention patch’ in the spirit of Halloween.” Combining the festiveness of Halloween with the ideas of improving mental health was the perfect way to draw students’ attention and get them to stop at the table and reflect. By the end of the event, the multitude of orange Post Its present on the board actually did resemble a pumpkin patch, perfect for this time of year.

Whether it was “Go to bed earlier,” “Take study breaks,” or “Take more deep breaths,” people had a variety of ideas of ways in which they could care more about and be more intentional with their mental health. This pause to reflect on positivity and self care represents COPE’s mission of providing education and resources to increase awareness of mental health and eliminate the stigma surrounding it. While writing an intention, enjoying a piece of candy, and getting a COPE stress ball acorn, people could also access information about the Counseling Center. COPE members ran the table, providing another resource for their peers to learn more about mental health and the Counseling Center. 

Photo Courtesy of @holycrosscope

Michaela Lake ‘22 was grateful to participate in the Intention Patch, saying, “After running around all morning, from class to different meetings, I had not given much attention to my mental health. Once I stopped by the Intention Patch table, I realized just how much I needed to relax and take a break, so I am happy I took the time to participate in the activity and reflect on my own mental health. I came up with my own goal, and got many more ideas from the board!” The busyness and chaos of this time of year makes it even more necessary for students to take care of themselves and their mental health, making COPE’s event a success in advertising ways to do so. 

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