30 Seniors Inducted into Elite Jesuit Honor Society

Jocelyn Buggy ‘22

Chief News Editor

On Sunday, Oct. 24, 30 members of the Class of 2022 were inducted into Alpha Sigma Nu, the prestigious Jesuit Honor Society. Inductees participated in a ceremony in Rehm Library as part of the Family Weekend festivities. Each inductee was given five formal invitations to send to their family members, friends, and loved ones. 

According to the College of the Holy Cross website, “Alpha Sigma Nu is a society that seeks to honor those students of Jesuit Institutions of higher learning who embody and live out the values of Scholarship, Loyalty, Leadership, and Service. Selection to Alpha Sigma Nu is one of the highest honors that can be given on a Jesuit campus.” Candidates for membership were selected from the top fifteen percent of their class, and from this group, membership was awarded to only four percent.

The Oct. 24 ceremony began with a welcome address by Professor Debra J. O’Connor, Faculty Moderator for the Holy Cross chapter of Alpha Sigma Nu. In her welcome, Professor O’Connor thanked inductees and their loved ones for attending. She shared that as new members of Alpha Sigma Nu, the Class of 2022 inductees represented “the best that Holy Cross has to offer the world.” Following her address, Timothy O’Brien, S.J. led the audience in an opening prayer and the candidates recited the Alpha Sigma Nu pledge. Provost Margaret Freije then verbally accepted the Class of 2022 inductees, affirming their official membership to the honor society. Afterwards, the Alpha Sigma Nu student officers read a brief introduction for each inductee, detailing their accomplishments at Holy Cross and plans after graduation. As these statements were read, Provost Freije and Dean Patricia Kramer presented the candidates with Alpha Sigma Nu keys, medals, and certificates of membership. 

In addition to the 30 seniors, three honorary memberships were conferred to President Vincent Rougeau, Professor Amber Hupp of the Chemistry department, and Professor Stephanie Clark of the Deaf Studies department. Although President Rougeau did not attend the ceremony, Professors Hupp and Clark attended in-person and via Zoom. These honorary members were selected, according to the ceremony’s program, based on how they “display the outstanding qualities sought in Alpha Sigma Nu members…scholarship, loyalty, and service.” 

When asked what her honorary induction meant to her, Professor Stephanie Clark told “The Spire”: “This reinforces the lifelong commitment to work toward a more inclusive, equitable world where all people can live healthy and dignified lives. I am honored to be among ASU members who are committed to service to others. Seeing the bios of the Class of 2022 students being read with past and current achievements demonstrated their commitment to creating and maintaining a healthier and more equitable world for all people. I am excited for our future as global citizens while the world shifts in the coming years with their ability to see what is needed and the courage to act.”  

Professor Hupp shared a similar sentiment, saying: “I am delighted to be an honorary inductee into Alpha Sigma Nu this year. The Society honors students who live out the Jesuit ideals of service and scholarship. What a privilege it is to be included with the students who are doing their best work and service on our campus and in our community.”

“At the ceremony,” she continued, “a few sentences were read about each new inductee’s service and scholarship in our community. I was absolutely awed by the volume and magnitude of these contributions from our amazing students. The Holy Cross community is so very lucky to have our top academic students also be committed to and involved in bettering our campus and local community. The Class of 2022 students who were inducted this year have laudable goals and next steps. My hope is that each inductee finds communities that appreciate their passion and commitment to the service of others just as much as we have valued them.”

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