An Inside Look at the Club That Brought You The Kid LAROI

Owen Whaley ’24

Features Editor

If you have golfed, ice skated, or gone to a concert headlined by perhaps the biggest musical artist in the world this semester, thank Campus Activities Board. After a momentous return to campus, one thing is clear: it’s just getting started. 

Chris Marchese ‘22 joined the organization in his freshman year to meet new people and get more involved on campus. Now, he helps lead it. 

“I grew to love the work we do and it became more about giving back to the community,” he told me. 

Marchese has participated in numerous initiatives over the years. Perhaps his favorite has been winter festivities, which have included a holiday bazaar, a video game night, a carnival, and dressing up as Santa in Kimball. 

George Caldwell ‘24 joined earlier this year and already leads events around campus as co-chair of the social committee. His favorite has been fireside s’more activities. “We set up fire pits and handed out s’more ingredients to anyone who wanted to join in,” he said. “We had a great turnout, with lots of people staying by the fire pits for a while and playing spike ball.” 

The organization still has plenty of ideas in the works. 

“I’m definitely looking forward to setting up some holiday events this year,” Caldwell said. “Nothing’s official, but we’re thinking of doing something like a haunted house for Halloween or a Thanksgiving event with food and arts and crafts.” 

Marchese, meanwhile, hopes to bring a hypnotist to campus. 

We’ll be on the lookout.

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