Peep My Crib: Healy Hall

Owen Whaley ‘24 

Features Editor

For sophomores Matthew Lawrence and Chris Mathewson, a dorm should feel like home. 

Perhaps the first thing you’ll feel when you step into their room is nostalgia. (Remember Squidward’s gaudy self-portrait? They have it.) Along either wall, stunning pieces pay homage to legendary films of the past, from “Jurassic Park” to “Star Wars” to that wickedly corny live-action “Scooby-Doo” remake you vaguely remember. 

“I put posters up of the movies I grew up loving,” Mathewson told me, “so the room feels a lot homier.” 

But what good are posters if you can’t watch movies? For Lawrence and Mathewson, the dorm would be incomplete without two televisions—yes, two—on standby. “We can play games online together, but we can also watch movies and sports on the big screen when people come over,” Mathewson said. “So we can do our own thing, but we’re also willing to share.” 

In addition to other memorabilia, a Class of 2024 banner hangs prominently at the front of the room. 

Lawrence put together a collage of photographs above his desk commemorating moments with loved ones. They are a reminder of all those in his corner—even if, for now, far away. “I like having pictures of my family,” he said. “It helps with homesickness.” Healy, the idyllic residence hall at the heart of Easy Street, is known for its laid-back atmosphere and welcoming community. It has proven the perfect setting for both roommates.

“It’s a great dorm to be a part of,” Mathewson said. “We’ve been meeting people on different floors of the building and everyone’s really friendly with each other.”

Photos Courtesy of Chris Mathewson ’24

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