Introducing The Delilahs 2021

Rea Nassif ‘24

Features Editor

Walking through the cocurricular extravaganza on Saturday, I was approached by two seniors, Allison McGrath ‘21 and Avery Faires ‘21. Their ebullient presence prompted me to stand by their table and observe the presentation  for their club, The Delilahs. As a member of this all-female group, I was amazed by the co-chairs’ ability to gather an audience at their table for audition sign-ups. Regardless of their singing capabilities, students were lined up, inquiring about the club, expressing their interest in joining not only because of the club itself, but also because of their desire to be a part of such a friendly community. The Delilahs represent a group on campus that strives to promote inclusivity while also selecting students with versatile talents. Not only do students audition for singing, but they also have the opportunity to audition for beatboxing, a skill that does not necessarily require any past experience  for singing. Throughout my involvement in this group, I had the opportunity to perform a solo as a first year and was greeted very warmly by all of the members. Although the first two semesters were on Zoom, this did not stop me from cultivating long-lasting friendships with each member. While sitting at the table, encouraging students to sign up for auditions, I was given an inside look on how the captains promote this group. They broadcasted their past in-person performances, which captured both the personable dynamic of the group, and the exceptional arrangements that were made by the musical directors. Through this organization, it is clear that their ultimate mission is to make the club a safe place for the members to promote their individuality through their singing and experiences. 

Photo courtesy of Rea Nassif ’24

The Delilahs meet three times a week, including “Manic Mondays” which involve the group performing for an audience at Cool Beans. Throughout each meeting, the members discuss possible arrangements for songs and divide the parts among themselves in a way that best represents the group. The most important aspect of an acapella group is the members’ ability to coexist, communicate, and work as team members to generate the best possible versions of themselves. Additionally, throughout each meeting, regardless of whether it be in-person or on Zoom, they begin by allowing each member to share their “highs and lows” of the day; while this may seem miniscule to others, this activity allows students to foster personal connections with each other. This activity also facilitates a safe environment where students can share their experiences, irrespective of the circumstances, and receive the help and advice they need. Joining the Delilahs has definitely encouraged me to seek solace from upper class students and has proven to me that I have people who are willing to help me around campus. Even though it is primarily a singing group, the group’s dynamic is only made possible through everyone’s ability to work as a team and treat each other with respect. The Delilahs are holding their auditions this coming Sunday, and are expecting a much larger group than usual, to the extent where auditions will last almost five hours. This turnout is incredible because it encapsulates the essence of the group and how determined everyone is to be a part of it. Although the past few semesters have been difficult on students through the hardships the pandemic has brought, the Delilahs is a place of empowerment and personal growth. 

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