Thank You from the Editors

Kelly Gallagher ‘22 & Matt Anderson ‘21


As we edit our last edition of The Spire as Editors-in-Chief, we’ve been looking back on our time here and thinking about our team’s hard work over the past two semesters. It goes without saying that this year has presented unorthodox challenges at every turn, and this was especially true in managing the paper remotely.

For the past 14 months, the pandemic has provided a more-than-appropriate reason to “slack off” one’s usual responsibilities. Most of us have just been trying to get by, and that means prioritizing what’s most important. We were astonished and touched to see that so many people prioritized The Spire. As it turned out, a lack of engagement was one of our least concerns in this year of obstacles. The amount of heart and soul that team members dedicated to The Spire, working to fill out each section every week in a year without Fall or Spring Break, has been inspiring.

Our team’s dedication invigorated us, because we knew that we were a part of something people cared so much about, and that made our work meaningful. Thank you so much to our writers, visual artists, copy editors, web editors, and social media managers for bringing your A-game week after week. We’d also like to thank our advisors, who have always made time to guide us. Thank you, ITS, for patiently helping us with our many questions this semester. Thank you to the countless community members who have shared their time and their stories with us. A special thanks to Hui Li ‘21, who has been an absolute tour de force this year and an invaluable pillar of support. 

Thanks especially to our readers, online and in print. Seeing people around campus take the time to pick up a copy of The Spire always made us smile. 

Each of us joined the paper as an outlet from everyday work, Matt in his sophomore year to satirize for The Eggplant and Kelly to cover campus culture in Features. Neither of us could have imagined the year in which we headed the paper, we are all the same grateful to everyone that made The Spire possible. From a graduating Matt, and Kelly, rising Senior Advisor, thank you all! 

Finally, we would like to announce Ethan Bachand ‘22 and Grace Bromage ‘23 as next semester’s Editors-in-Chiefs. They have both demonstrated exceptional leadership as Section Chiefs, and we know they will be incredible in their news roles.

All the best,

Kelly Gallagher and Matt Anderson

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