The Making of “Massively Distributed”

Nicole Letendre ’23

Features Editor

On Friday April 30th, “Massively Distributed,” an audiovisual display brought about by the collective work of Masary Studios, Monserrat’s “Natural World” cluster, and Arts Transcending Borders, was projected onto the side of the future Performing Arts Center for students to view. Upon arrival, students were provided with chairs, as well as offered an Insomnia cookie. Many students sported their newly-received Holy Cross folding chairs, bringing blankets and sweatshirts to the screening as well. Both students and professors contributed to this artistic undertaking, which featured numerous songs, each having their own creative qualities. The titles gave insight into the sounds of the music itself, or even hearkened to our very own campus, including names such as “hogan,” “storm on purgatory cove,” “haunting hour,” “recyclable,” “resonance,” “with wings,” “a slow fade out and then back in,” “birds,” and “tuesday am 1.” 

Maggie Hannick ’23, a double major in Mandarin Chinese and Health Studies, pursuing the Pre-Law track, reflects on her involvement in the making of this multi-faceted project: “As the Campus Engagement Coordinator for Arts Transcending Borders, I was able to work on ‘Massively Distributed,’ which connected a Boston studio with the Natural World Montserrat Cluster as well as the entire Holy Cross community. From the start of the project, collecting samples of sights and sounds across campus, to setting up for the outside event, I felt very involved in the whole process and am very excited and grateful to have helped with it. I enjoyed playing with the app from MASARY Studios and seeing what pictures and audio they used from Holy Cross. I could have spent hours creating compositions, and it was really wonderful to see so many Holy Cross community members engage in this special and unique project. I am thankful to everyone involved, including the ATB staff, MASARY Studios, Montserrat students and professors, and those who came to the outdoor projection. Massively Distributed allowed me to find creativity at Holy Cross and seek to be more artistic and open to my surroundings and the art around us.”

Photo from Holy Cross’ Facebook Page.

The product of a collaboration between Masary Studios, Arts Transcending Borders, and our very own Montserrat “Natural World” cluster, the screening of “Massively Distributed” showcased the innovation of students and the inspiration they found through the Holy Cross campus. The event as a whole provided students with a safe means of socializing and an opportunity to engage with the creative work of students. Overall, the event involved the participation and contributions from many different groups, which resulted in the making of an inspired screening of “Massively Distributed,” which was a joy to attend! 

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