“The Jo Expands Fitness Offerings to Include In-Person Classes”

Sarah Carter ’24

News Editor

Throughout the semester, the Jo has served as the premier center for recreation and fitness on campus. From its first-rate exercise machinery to its modernistic design, the facility has something to offer for everyone; both returning and new students alike. While students can already reserve spaces in the facility to conduct self-guided workouts, a new line of group-based, in-person classes recently became available to students this past week. Per usual, The Spire met with Director of Campus Recreation, Jamie Shannon, to learn more.

Shannon maintains that the list of newly offered in-person classes is quite an expansive list already. Among the offerings currently available to students are core strength, high intensity interval training, yoga, cardio dance, and meditation-focused classes. Shannon remarks that for all of the above group sessions, “No prior experience or equipment is required!” and students do not need to bring anything with them aside from a pair of shoes in which to change and water (Shannon).

While students do not need the FitnessOnDemand app to participate in the new group classes, Shannon still advises that students, at the very least, download and register on the free app. Shannon recounts that “In the first month of launching FitnessOnDemand, several hundred students activated their accounts,” which afford students access to an assemblage of guided workouts and exercises that they can complete anywhere at any time (Shannon). Shannon continues to be a staunch proponent in favor of  the app, which she says provides students a convenient way of continuing fitness activities for the remainder of the semester, over the summer, and beyond. The app is readily comprehensive and simple to use, replete with features to filter through and search for classes that meet every student’s individual interests. Shannon notes, however, that staff at the Jo will welcome the participation of any and all students (including those without a FitnessOnDemand account) who sign up for the new in-person classes, and will accommodate students by facilitating the beginning of every class for those who attend.

Classes this semester will be held two days each week in the multipurpose studio space – Mondays at 5:00pm and Wednesdays at 6:30pm. Similar to the process of reserving a place in either the cardio/strength or weight rooms, students will need to use MyHC to make an appointment for the class of their choosing. Students should plan for classes to be held on this same schedule for the remainder of the semester, which is necessary to continue to allow ample space in the facility for those still wishing to complete workouts on their own. In subsequent semesters, Shannon anticipates that more offerings will be extended to students with regards to in-person classes – some of which will feature the instruction of live instructors. She believes that in the fall “ . . . the frequency and variety of classes . . .” will expand appreciably to include classes throughout the day for multiple days a week (Shannon). Reserve your place for an in-person class now . . . and remember to take a copy of The Spire back with you after your next visit!

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