Maggie Ober and Connor McNerney Official Statement

Maggie Ober ’22 and Connor McNerney ’22

Presidential Candidates

We, Maggie Ober and Connor McNerney, are excited to be running for SGA Co-Presidents for the 2021-2022 academic year. We have a diverse set of experiences and a clear track record of leadership. From involvement in groups such as, Pax Christi, Working for Worcester, Feminist Forum, SPUD, and varsity athletics, we will utilize our experiences to better advocate for the student body. We hope to lead by listening and advocating for students who, for far too long, have been underrepresented. We know we can make change to improve the lives of our entire community because of our extensive experience and achievable goals.

If elected, we plan to collaborate with the administration while holding them accountable for their promises. In our position, we will advocate for the best interests of the student body, support the campaign to increase need-based financial aid and advocate for additional ways to attract low-income students to the College, and frequently attend the general meetings of individual MSOs and IBOs. We will also commit to attending the Odyssey Program, Gateways International Student Orientation, and Passport to encourage and increase diversity within SGA. 

Image courtesy of the Ober-McNerney campaign

Other policies include applying for a TEDx license, adding schedules outside of all classrooms, bringing in Worcester organizations to host wellness events in the Jo, instituting an annual ENGAGE Summit and establishing “Director of ENGAGE” as a SGA Cabinet position, requiring the SGA Director of Health and Public Safety to attend COPE meetings and meet with the Counseling Center on a regular basis, adding a Title IX liaison to the Cabinet, and providing transportation to the Worcester COVID Vaccination sites in our first 10 days. In addition to these policies, we have developed more concrete policies which can be found on our campaign website and Instagram. 

Together, we have a combined six years of experience on SGA, working in both the Senate and Cabinet. Maggie played a key role in building the SGA Instagram presence, helped create and serve on an ad-hoc committee for the College’s presidential search and gave voice to the student body on the decision, and worked with the Office of Student Involvement to help promote myHC. Additionally, Connor has worked with the sustainable community by overseeing the composting program in the senior residence halls, working with the Environmental Task Force and finishing the Climate Action Plan, and a member of the Green Fund Review Board. As the single Student Representative on the Common Requirements Committee, he helped develop the new academic goals of our requirements that have been passed by the Faculty Assembly. 

We hope to work as a team, relying on experience and concrete, feasible policies. Though we are confident in our leadership skills and ability to work as a pair, we also plan to work closely and collaborate with a highly motivated and diverse team that is dedicated to making change and representing the many voices of our Holy Cross community. We ask for your support and vote in the election so that we can truly make change.

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