2021 Student Government Election Season Underway, Co-Presidential Campaigns Speak on Why They Are Best Choice

Davey Sullivan ‘22 

News Editor

The Holy Cross Student Government Association (SGA) has announced that elections for schoolwide positions will be held next week. These elections put in place Class of 2022 Commencement Chairs, Senators at Large, Class Senators, Class Councils, and the Co-Presidents of the school. 

The SGA is organized into three branches, the legislative, judicial, and executive. The Co-Presidents comprise the executive branch, the Senate as the legislative branch, and the Judicial Council as the judicial branch. During this election cycle, all except the Judicial Council are up for election. The Council oversees this election. 

The Co-Presidents of the executive branch are widely viewed as the pre-eminent position of the SGA. They represent the entire SGA governing body and are often the points of contact for students. Current Co-Presidents are Noah Sisk and Victoria Tara, both of the class of 2021. 

Current Co-Presidential campaigns are in full swing, and this election cycle sees Maggie Ober and Connor McNerney contend with Chris Herndon and Cole Howard, all 4 candidates being in the class of 2022.  

Both Co-Presidential campaigns spoke with the Spire on why they should be chosen to be the figureheads of the Holy Cross student body. For this, campaigns were asked to make a case putting all policy proposals aside. 

The Herndon-Howard Campaign responded to the Spire on why they are the best leaders for the school, “Servant leadership. Coming from high schools rooted in the philosophy of working for one another and the good of the community, we believe the best way to do it is through leading by example. As servant leaders on campus, we will work to positively influence any situation on campus through our hands on approach where we work hand in hand with one another, rather than directing from above. We will put the needs of Holy Cross students first, and strive to accomplish tasks we take on with determination, pride, and an open mind.”

The Ober-McNerney Campaign responded also to why they were the best choice to be leaders, “We have a diverse set of experiences and a clear track record of leadership. From involvement in groups such as SGA, Pax Christi, Feminist Forum, SPUD, and athletics, we will utilize our experiences to better advocate for the student body. Co-Presidents work for and represent students. We hope to lead by listening and advocating for students who feel underrepresented. Furthermore, with a woman in office we will provide a perspective on issues that exclusively challenge females on this campus. With our extensive experience and achievable goals, we know we can make change to improve the lives of our entire community.”

Elections for all positions begin on Monday, April 19. These elections will last until Wednesday, April 21, when the results will be announced. Elections will take place on the online platform, MyHC. All students are encouraged to vote to secure the next year of SGA representatives.

Graphic Design by Hui Li ’21

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