Holy Cross Administration Promises to Make an Effort to Send More E-mails

Caroline Wallace ’23

Thankful Student

Editor’s note: This article appears in our annual Eggplant Edition, comprised exclusively of satirical articles.

Graphic Design by Hui Li ’21

It is a known fact that students at Holy Cross feel as though the school could do a better job at communicating. Frankly, the 200 e-mails that students get from the school per day is simply not enough. How are students supposed to know when the ITS staff is doing updates? Or when popcorn is being served at Hogan? It is my second year on campus and I never know if it is “Popcorn Tuesday” or “Popcorn Wednesday” because they only send about five emails about it per week. Last year, I showed up to Cabaret and found out upon my arrival that it was sold out. They had only sent out five emails per day the week leading up to the performances that: “THE CABARET IS SOLD OUT!” How was I supposed to know? There needs to be improved communication. We need to do better.

         Even now, as students must complete “HC-Clear,” there is a lack of communication. I only receive one text, at the crack of dawn every morning, to complete my symptom tracker. This is clearly not enough as students are constantly holding up the line at Kimball to complete their symptom tracker because they forgot. This would not be a problem if the school texted us more frequently. But there is good news! We will be seeing change soon.

         Rumor has it that the administration is tired of receiving complaints about the e-mail problem on campus. Instead of sending 200 emails per day, the school will be making an effort to send closer to 500 per day. Better yet, they are not only going to continue to send emails that do not apply to all students, but they are also going to increase the number of useless emails.  I currently have 7,651 unread emails in my school inbox due to these inapplicable emails. Thanks to this new effort, I am hoping that by the end of the semester I will have about 20,000 unread, inapplicable e-mails. Study abroad students will also be able to experience this improvement. They will continue to receive e-mails about on-campus events while they are thousands of miles away and enrolled at a different school. They can expect to continue receiving emails about events like Popcorn Tuesday that it is virtually impossible for them to attend. 

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