All Downhill From Here

John Murphy ‘21

Eggplant Editor

“Holy Cross begins renovations double as ski resort in the winter”

After announcing his intention to step down as president of the college back in September, Fr. Boroughs has been working hard to figure out a way he can leave a lasting impact on the campus. Unless there’s an Ocean’s Fourteen about sneaking onto campus and changing the name in front of a building on Easy Street, it isn’t likely that we’ll be cramming too many freshmen into Boroughs Hall. The plan: renovate the college to double as a ski resort for the winter.

Even when COVID’s gone from every state except Texas and Mississippi, the school plans to go remote every Fall semester. Without students on campus from September-February, it’s the perfect time to restructure campus.

The SGA has already taken the initiative and built the skating rink next to the Luth Center. With this skating rink up, the dorms to act as lodging for skiers, Kimball remaining a mess hall, and The Pub in Hogan’s basement to be a spot for post-skiing activities, that only leaves the actual ski mountains to figure out.

The yearly raises in tuition could finally end up being reasonable and useful when the money is used to purchase College St. from the city of Worcester. 

The blueprints call for real snow and, if necessary, fake snow to cover College St., Loyola Road and McCarthy Lane, and the grassy hill under the Luth to act as a blue slope, black diamond slope, and the bunny hill respectively.

“Mt. Ski James presented by Fr. Boroughs” is expected to open its doors September 2025-just long enough so all of us here graduate before it opens.

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