Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :o)

Hannah Johnson ‘21

Chief Eggplant Editor, A.K.A. “Already Packing”

If you’re reading this, and you’re currently an HC student, congratulations! Within two weeks from today, you’ll be completely finished with the Fall 2020 semester. It’s been the longest semester of my life and I definitely feel like I’ve aged. Maybe because I am soon to face the spring of my senior year, and after that, the crushing burdens of adulthood.

It’s bound to be an odd Christmas, at least for me. I’m doubtful I’ll ever leave the house, not just due to catching up on sleep after finals week, but also because we still must be ever vigilant about COVID-19, and it would suck to get sick right before a vaccine comes out. In reality, it’s hard to tell if the vaccine really is just around the corner, or if we are all so tired and impatient that we are just hyping it up a lot. Either way, all I want for Christmas is to stay indoors, stay safe, and for the COVID vaccine to arrive already!

I’ve joked around a lot this semester, but let me be real for this last issue of The Spire. Stay safe and healthy, both for yourself and for the people around you; be kind, and be merry; give a lot of gifts; finish the semester strong and then relax; and finally, have a joyous holiday season. After all we’ve been through, we could use some festivity, so spread good holiday cheer!

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