Spooky Scary Halloween Public Safety Blotters

As Holy Cross students celebrate Halloween remotely this year, The Spire asked students to submit the strangest and spookiest sights one might report on the Hill. Thank you to all of our contributors for submitting your imaginative public safety blotters to our contest! 

We are pleased to award bragging rights to Tess Conroy ‘22 and Kathleen Miller ‘22 for the spookiest public safety blotter! Their submission sent an especially strong shiver down our spines, not to be forgotten anytime soon. 

“Friday, October 30- Kimball Dining Hall: Students reported that every time they checked the dessert station for their beloved Chocolate Cookie Mousse, there was none in sight. The Kimball Captains assured us that several trays have been put out throughout the night, but have also reported hearing distant chilling sounds that are reminiscent of a spoon scraping across a metal tray.” 

– Tess Conroy ‘22 and Kathleen Miller ‘22

Graphic design by Hui Li ’21.

 “Thursday night public safety responded to a call about terrifying screaming coming from Brooks Mulledy. It turns out Freshman were just getting back their first failed midterms. “

– Carolyn Dunderdale ‘22

“Kimball Quad: A student living on campus called Public Safety and reported seeing some sort of ‘big cat’ walking near Kimball. They said that they were startled by the sighting of the animal and ran back to their room in a panic.

“A Public Safety officer wanted to bring Officer Gracie to help investigate the scene and comfort the student, but the dog was strangely nowhere to be seen, and the officer went to the Kimball Quad alone.

“Upon reaching the scene of the reported sighting, it became clear that the ‘big cat’ was actually Officer Gracie taking a stroll around campus in a Halloween costume that no one in Public Safety remembers buying for her. 

“There is now an investigation into who let Gracie outside and put her in a cat costume to wander around campus.”

– Hui Li ’21, Co-Chief Graphic Designer

9:36 p.m.– Pub Safe follows up on reports made of a threatening figure who had been seen standing at a Campion House window for hours on end, making several first-years on Easy Street nervous. Further investigation revealed the suspect as the chaplain’s cardboard cut-out of Pope Francis. 

– Matt Anderson ‘21, Editor-in-Chief

10:10 p.m.– Reports reached the Pub Safe office of students being terrified after walking through the graveyard of HC presidents. There were rumors of odd shadow-like movements and a “deathly” odor. Students requested that a team of paranormal investigators be dispatched. Further investigation concluded that it was just skunks. Pub Safe officers escorted the ghostbusters to Walmart in search of tomato soup.

– Hannah Johnson ’21, Chief Eggplant Editor

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