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10/30/2020 Newsletter


The Spring 2021 class schedule debuted on STAR on October 24, presenting students with an abundance of fascinating courses to browse. But how is anyone supposed to narrow down all those great options? Team members from The Spire share recommendations especially for first-years in our article “Class Recommendations for First-Years From The Spire Editorial Board.” Whether you need to sort through your bulging enrollment backpack or you don’t know where to start, we hope our suggestions help you along the way as you find classes you’ll love! 

To get into the Halloween spirit, our satire section, The Eggplant, held a contest for the most creative public safety blotters relating to Halloween. We’re grateful to our contributors for their spooky submissions, and we’re excited to share them with our readers in “Spooky Scary Halloween Public Safety Blotters.” As an additional treat, check out “A Haunting Halloween,” by Nicole Letendre ‘23, Features Editor, for fun trivia, but beware – “some of these are definitely more tricky,” as Letendre puns. 

With Election Day a mere four days away, as of the publication of this newsletter, Catherine Yackira ‘24, Staff Writer, reflects on the voting habits of college students and others within the 18-29-year-old demographic. Her article, “Every Vote Counts,” encourages readers to cast their ballots, even if (or especially if) they are frustrated by the political climate this year. 

Maia Lee-Chin ‘21, the 2020-21 Fenwick Scholar, shares her journey to her year-long project in an interview which glows with passion. Lee-Chin draws on her studies as a Classics major and Education minor to investigate how the classics can influence marginalized elementary-age students’ motivations to read non-fiction texts. To learn more about this deeply devoted student, don’t miss “Getting to Know Maia Lee-Chin ‘21, This Year’s Fenwick Scholar,” by Stacey Kaliabakos ‘23, Features Editor. 

Finally, we want to hear from you! Students, please fill out our brief survey here regarding your experience with the remote semester and predictions for the spring. All answers are confidential, but we’ll share the data in an article in a few weeks. Make your voice heard today!

The Spire 



Graphic design by Olivia Lynch ’24.

“Isaacson, Miller President Says Presidential Search Committee Will Consider Female Candidates,” by Jocelyn Buggy ‘22, News Editor.

“Study Abroad Announces Spring 2021 Decision,” by Kelly Gallagher ‘22, Editor-in-Chief.

“January Session Need-to-Knows,” by Sarah Carter ‘24, News Editor.


Graphic by Hui Li ’21.

“Amy Coney Barrett and the Need for a Court Balance,” by Maggie Connolly ‘21, Chief Opinions Editor. 

“Packing the Court: An Irrational Move,” by Joe Barbieri ‘23, Opinions Editor. 

“Why Taking Antidepressants Should Be Normalized,” by Julia Maher ‘23, Opinions Editor. 

“Every Vote Counts,” by Catherine Yackira ‘24, Staff Writer.

“This We Can No Longer Ignore,” by Grace Manning ‘21, Opinions Editor. 

“The Importance of Nutrition and Fitness,” by Ambar Cox ‘22, SHAPE Contributor. 


Photo courtesy of Dr. Meredith Fluke. Graphic design by Kate Nedorostek ’23.

“Class Recommendations for First-Year Students From The Spire Editorial Board.”

“A Haunting Halloween,” by Nicole Letendre ‘23, Features Editor. 

“Interview with Dr. Meredith Fluke Concerning ‘New Gilded Age’ Installation,” by Grace Bromage ‘23, Chief Features Editor. 

“Getting to Know Maia Lee-Chin ‘21, This Year’s Fenwick Scholar,” by Stacey Kaliabakos ‘23, Features Editor. 

“Crusader of the Week: Gianna Kefalas ‘21.”

Eggplant (Satire)

Graphic design by Hui Li ’21.

“Spooky Scary Halloween Public Safety Blotters.”

“Off-Campus Seniors to Create Bubble For Catalina Wine Mixer,” by Sean McNamara ‘21, Staff Writer.


Graphic design by Hui Li ’21.

“Weekly HC Athlete Spotlight – Sophie Haywood ‘21, Women’s XC,” by Mike O’Brien ‘23, Chief Sports Editor. 

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