TurboVote Takes Off at Holy Cross

Ethan Bachand ‘22 

Chief News Editor

In the midst of this Presidential election cycle, the College of the Holy Cross has doubled down its efforts to boost students’ civic engagement with the promotion of TurboVote, a program personalized for the Holy Cross community to ensure their voice is heard on Election Day.  

Patrick Rogers, an Assistant Director in the Office of Student Involvement, spoke with The Spire this past week regarding the benefits of the TurboVote platform. The program not only allows you to register to vote, check your registration, and update your information, but people can also sign up for reminders about election day, amongst other functions. As Mr. Rogers points out, “Engaging with voting does not end with just registering to vote, but also has to include the actual going and voting, whether that’s by mail, absentee ballot, or going to a polling place.”

One of the biggest pushes for the use of TurboVote came on Voter Registration Day on Sept. 22. The Office of Student Involvement, in coordination with the Student Government Association, composed an email that promoted TurboVote as well as other voting-related activities. In addition to this email, an effective social media campaign was implemented to increase participation with TurboVote. Mr. Rogers noted the significance of that single day on traffic for the website, stating that over 200 students utilized the platform.

While voter registration deadlines are coming up, which eliminates a significant portion of the usage for TurboVote, the Office of Student Involvement is not done with their mission to have students perform their civic duty. As Mr. Rogers stated, “We are now able to focus on, ‘ok you’re registered to vote, how are you going to vote?’” With only twelve days until Election Day, the site remains available for students to interact and gain more information.

Photo by Claudia Hajjar ’23

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