SGA Senate Minutes


Confirmation Hearings:

The Senate confirmed Zain Tirmizi, Paige Cohen, and Thais Velasquez to the SGA 2020-2021 Cabinet. Congratulations to all!

Speaker Updates:

Senators have continued to meet with their assigned RSOs and have been learning about and promoting RSO events. We welcomed our new Class of 2024 Senators, Sophia Fiordalice, Kevin Hamilton, and Andrew Fiondella. WSGA is currently adjusting their constitution, and has asked for the feedback from the Holy Cross SGA. 

Committee Updates:

Academic Affairs has been meeting with the Co-Directors of Academic Affairs on the SGA Cabinet. Public Affairs has sent out a form to the dean of international students, and is awaiting responses on what SGA can do to support students who may feel disconnected from campus. The RSO committee is currently working on getting the new platform for RSOs up and running. Student Outreach is putting together forms to be sent out to students this week, and hopefully will start some Instagram initiatives as well. The Clerkship program has received 21 applicants, and is currently going through the interview process. 


RSO Name Change: Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán (MEChA) has requested a name change to Movimiento Estudiantil Progressive Action.

S-1594 Responsibilities of Class Senators: This bill requires Class Senators to meet with their class council twice a semester, and support their class council in any initiatives within SGA. If Class Senators do not meet this requirement, they are subject to losing SGA experience for the year.

S-1598 Amending the Responsibilities of the Sergeant at Arms: This bill revises the duties of the Sergeant at Arms, and now formally requires this position to oversee that the duties of Senators are being met.

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