Remarkable Positivity from the Women’s Ice Hockey Team

Caroline Wallace ‘23

Staff Writer

​As a result of COVID-19, it is still unknown whether winter sports teams at Holy Cross will have normal seasons. Although the future of their season is still undecided, the women’s ice hockey team is back on campus and preparing for a successful season. Sofia Smithson, a sophomore from Windsor, Canada, described what life is like on campus right now as well as how the team is preparing for their potential season.

​Smithson described a typical week of training as “three lifts and three skates a week.” Because of the coronavirus restrictions, the team has not been able to practice as a full team yet. Instead, they have been divided into two groups in which they train; however, the women on the team do not let these restrictions impede on their morale as Smithson added that “we go cheer on the other group before our lift.” Luckily, their practices will begin to look somewhat normal again starting next week as they will start to practice as a full team.

​Smithson described life on campus right now as “strange” compared to the norm. The women’s hockey team is careful to abide by all COVID-related restrictions on campus; however, this leads their days to look like a “continuous cycle” as Smithson described it. The athletes are limited to eating at Kimball, studying, and going to practice. While one might assume that these restrictions on campus might leave the athletes feeling frustrated and unmotivated, the women’s hockey team displays a remarkable amount of positivity and enthusiasm for their sport. Smithson says that they are “all so happy at the fact that we’re allowed to be on the ice,” and that what keeps the team motivated is “the possibility of having a season.”

​The women on the ice hockey team display notable perseverance despite the adversities they have had to face due to the coronavirus. Their commitment to their team as well as the sport they love offers a glimmer of hope in the midst of such a difficult time. To stay up to date with the team and their training, follow their Instagram @hcrosswhockey.

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