Class Deans Distribute Distance Learning Survey

Jocelyn Buggy ‘22

News Editor

On Wednesday, April 8, all current College of the Holy Cross students received an e-mail from the shared class deans’ account.  The e-mail’s subject line read “Your Distance Learning Needs: Please Respond,”  and it was signed by Class of 2020 Dean John Anderson, Class of 2021 Dean Francisco Gago-Jover, Class of 2022 Dean Patricia Kramer, and Class of 2023 Dean Matthew Eggemeier.  In their note, the deans expressed the College’s desire to hear about students’ experiences and concerns related to distance learning.  According to Dean Eggemeier, “The Class Deans distributed the email with the link to the survey, but the survey itself was a College-wide initiative to try to understand the student experience with the transition and to respond to problems that are identified.”

The survey was expected to take students approximately 10 minutes to complete.  It included questions about various issues related to people’s home environments and access to technology.  Since students are no longer on campus, they are unable to use the school-owned printers, computers, and scanners that many Holy Cross classes typically require.  The survey reflected an overall understanding of this issue, as it asked people to discuss whether or not they have certain kinds of hardware and software available to them in their current living situations.  Additionally, the survey asked students to indicate their level of comfort with programs such as Zoom and Google Hangouts, two formats that many professors now use to hold their classes.          

When asked about her experience taking the survey, sophomore Michaela Lake said: “The administration sending out a detailed survey made me feel supported and gave me an outlet to address my concerns regarding this transition, as this has not been a smooth adjustment.  I felt like this survey addressed nearly all issues, checking in on our well-being outside of just making sure that the technology available was sufficient for this transition.  My professors have stressed the importance of communication with campus during this time to make sure that remote learning is as beneficial as possible, and it was reassuring to receive the same message from the greater administration.  I feel supported by the deans and encouraged that I can have my concerns addressed and resolved to the best of the school’s ability.”

Cover photo by Hui Li ’21.

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