Spring 2020 Fashion Ideas / Inspo

By Ryen Cinski ’22
Opinions Editor

Sunday- Since Sunday’s are everyone’s favorite lazy day, throw on a cute pair of sweatpants and your favorite tee! This week I opted for a heather grey pair of sweatpants that I got on a visit to Holy Cross in 2015! They have a super cute coffee stain that is really unique. For my tee, I decided to go with my high school volleyball warm up shirt – So vintage!

Monday- Being the first day of the week, the outfit you wear on a Monday is going to stick with your peers for the rest of the week… Better make it good! This Monday I went for a business on the top, party on the bottom type of look. I wore a black H&M sweater and to spice it up, I wore a thick red headband. Although this was for style purposes, it did help cover my greasy hair (I showered after class…  We’re all flawed). Since no one on Zoom could see anything below my waist, I actually just didn’t wear pants. So. Liberating. 

Tuesday- Since Tuesday is still pretty early in the week, I went for a casual Spring outfit. To show off my deathly pale legs and enjoy the warmer weather, I wore my favorite pair of biker shorts and paired it with one of my dad’s work polos (tip: go for a fun color such as yellow or green). That’s called streetwear btw! 🙂

Wednesday- Wednesday. The middle of the week. If you’re like me, you’re tired by Wednesday. If you don’t have the energy to put something together, don’t fear: grab those Monday sweats and throw ‘em on! Pair with your oldest, most pilled Brandy Melville tank top and you’re set!

Thursday- Thirsty Thursday! Since I’m itching to go out all day, I usually try to wear an outfit that works for class and for the night. I haven’t unpacked all of my clothes yet so I did have to improvise – but that’s okay! I was able to style a pair of Justice jeggings from my childhood (they’re a bit snug but they remind me of shapewear) with an orange and blue chevron blouse from Forever 21… Now that’s called making something out of nothing!

Friday- Since this past Thursday was a little crazy (I watched Little Women with my mom and went to bed at 2 am), I decided that it was okay to slum it. Calling the same stained Holy Cross sweats that I’ve already worn two times this weeeek! Throw on your favorite Holy Cross hoodie to complete the HC groutfit. Groundbreaking.

Saturday- Saturday: The night we’ve all been waiting for. Since you’ve had all day to get dressed up for the night’s fun, your outfit better be killer. This Saturday I’m going for a form-fitting, sexy outfit. I’ll be wearing my tightest pair of Nike leggings, the ones with the hole on the left ankle. For a pop of color I’ll be wearing a hot pink sports bra under a white v-neck so old that it’s sheer (that’s called leaving a little to the imagination).

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