Spring Break First, Social Distance Second

By Maggie Connolly ’21
Opinions Editor

“SPRAAAAANG BREAK!!!” called the cohort of college students as their respective university’s doors opened and closed behind them for exactly one week. For many students, it was more than a week. In fact, for most, it was the rest of the semester. Whether they realized that or not is up for debate…

Miami, the Bahamas, Aruba, you name it. Tropical destination? Beaches? Unlimited drinks? Huge crowds of 500+ college students in the middle of a global pandemic? “We can take ‘em,’ they all thought. And that they did.

Hundreds, thousands even, packed their bags, left their dorm rooms and cashed in on their now overpriced plane tickets to a warmer destination. No worries though! The elusive COVID-19 dies in the heat! Plus, it won’t affect us, we’re young, we’re hot, we’re healthy.

And then it ends. The partying, the hooking up with random strangers, sharing drinks at the bar, even sharing beds with your friends and maybe a few strangers all has to come to an end. The best part? Oh, well the best part’s easily the mask Snapchats and Instagram stories from the plane. “Oh look! I made it out of Miami alive, now let me make sure this one single plane with probably less than fifty people on it doesn’t infect me.” Because that’s logical. No one you spit swapped or snuggled with could’ve possibly given you the Coronavirus. Why? Because it just doesn’t happen to people like you.

They’re all thinking it, even some of us are all thinking it. How could it happen to us? It could never. We are the invincible Gen Z. You can still go on spring break and then post about the “importance of social distancing” or add one of those cute little stay home stickers on your social media story and go completely unscathed. Ah, the world as it should be, with a side of international crisis.

Bikini pics, fraternity flags, and open beaches reigned triumphant and victorious. College students didn’t stop for Coronavirus, even if their schools had just decided to move everyone to remote learning for the rest of the semester. Your school’s shutting down, international borders are become stricter, rules and regulations are changing every day, but hey, gotta get one last Instagram opportunity in before it’s sweats and pajamas until 5 PM every day.

It’s the important things really. That’s what we have to focus on in times like these. Don’t stop living your life just because Coronavirus shuts the world down! The young and able will survive, at least, those of us who don’t have diabetes, asthma, or another condition that affects our auto-immune systems!

And anyways, those of us might college students who spent the week the world literally shut down partying and tanning are now doing our part and socially isolating… and making sure everyone knows it too. I mean yeah, they go out once, twice, six times a day to get their Starbucks drive-thru coffee that could taste just as good out of a coffee pot at home and hang out with their high school friends in a random parking lot who, in fact, did not partake in the spring break germ-sharing activities and are now living at home for the time being with their 50-60 year old parents. But no harm done right? I mean they probably were six feet apart… except for when they hugged and goodbye, but that was only like 0.25 seconds anyways.

No worries though, right? This’ll all be over by Easter!

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