CAB To Host Spring Weekend Concert on Zoom

Davey Sullivan ‘22

Only using the Spire as a platform for Dr. Anthony Fauci to notice him

Earlier this week, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) at the College of the Holy Cross announced that the acclaimed Spring Weekend festivities would not be canceled this year despite COVID-19. This year, the concert will happen over the Zoom platform remotely so that all students can watch from the safety of their own homes. Social distancing guidelines will not be broken. With events around the world being canceled due to the coronavirus, a Zoom concert will be the first of its kind. 

The Spring Concert is a staple at Holy Cross every spring semester. In 2019, Jay Sean and Loud Luxury played on Freshman Field. Unwilling to break this tradition, CAB looked straight into the eyes of the global pandemic and said, “Zoom it is.”

According to CAB, this year’s concert will feature the local Birchtree Bread Co. band opening for international rap sensation Lil Uzi Vert. When asked about the lineup for the concert, CAB members asserted, “Hey, times are wild. We take what we can get, a little rap, a little folk.”

Photo Courtesy of CAB (recently rebranded as ZAB, Zoom Activities Board)
So like this, but on Zoom.

With most of Holy Cross expected to attend the concert, the Zoom call will contain over 2000 people. The CAB moderators will be enforcing a strict muting policy on Zoom. No one is allowed to overshadow the main act by talking, being disruptive, singing along, or demonstrating excitement. Additionally, CAB requires that everyone pay the $20 ticket fee to join the Zoom call. According to CAB, “No Instagram live streaming allowed. Seriously guys, the Birchtree band ain’t cheap.”

Lil Uzi Vert commented to the Spire that he was very excited to perform for Holy Cross University. When prompted that that was not the name of the school, he contended that he had heard otherwise. 

In addition to the Spring Concert, CAB also plans to host the Edge on Zoom also. When asked about the new platform for Spring Weekend, many students commented to the Spire that hosting the Edge over Zoom still beats the Edge last fall in Hart. “EEE was the COVID-19 of the fall semester, and we didn’t know it” comments one freshman. 

Tickets go on sale for the Spring Concert next week. Students will be expected to tune in for a mandatory invocation before the concert by Dean Michele Murray, who has become an expert at digitally addressing the students at Holy Cross now. The concert will be held on Friday, May 1, followed by the Edge on Saturday, May 2.

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