Statement from SGA Co-Presidential Candidates Noah Sisk and Victoria Tara

We’re running for SGA Co-Presidents because we’re committed to fighting for the issues that affect all of us. This is a critical time in Holy Cross history, and we need to come together to make our next chapter stronger than the last. We need to be real with our administration and advocate for the issues we care about, big and small. We also need to be real with each other and strengthen the core values of inclusivity, respect, and compassion that unite us as a community. Together, we can reach a balance of achieving realistic goals next year and setting new ones for future generations of Holy Cross students to achieve. As Co-Presidents, we plan to tackle the issues that impact student life every day; this includes areas where we’ve made progress, but still need to drive the conversation forward to create further change.

Noah has served on the SGA Senate since arriving at Holy Cross. He’s led small initiatives like ensuring the O’Kane computer lab is always stocked with a stapler, and worked on larger problems like lighting the paths between Wheeler and Hogan. Most importantly, Noah is proud of working with underclassmen every step of the way as the Senate’s Clerkship Coordinator to make sure first-year students feel empowered to make their voices heard in SGA. He spent the last semester in Washington D.C. where he and Victoria strengthened their friendship and bonded over shared interests on campus.

Victoria has been involved in multiple organizations on campus, such as the Trial Teams, Fools on the Hill A Cappella, and the Donelan Office of Community-Based Learning with Girls Inc. and St. Mary Health Care Center. She is an Admissions Tour Guide, and has taken part in experiential learning opportunities as a member of the Washington Semester Program and the J-mester Program. Within these organizations, she has earned leadership roles. She is a J.D. Power Center ambassador, is Secretary and Social Media Co-Chair for Fools on the Hill, and served as a site manager for Working for Worcester’s collaboration with Worcester Common Ground. It is through her volunteer experiences on campus that strengthened her passion for our community and motivated her to run for a leadership position on SGA.  

The difficult conversations on topics such as sexual respect, diversity, and inclusion have begun and we plan to continue and expand the dialogue surrounding these issues. It’s vital to the integrity of our campus that we include all the different perspectives at the College in these conversations and these stories are told in order to create real and meaningful change. These issues cannot be solved overnight or even in just one year, and they definitely cannot be fixed unless we make sure that all identities on campus have a voice. As a pair with strong SGA experience and fresh perspectives from active campus involvement, we want a Holy Cross where everyone feels like they belong.

While we’re committed to focusing on big issues and setting long-term goals, we also have to pursue short-term goals to address immediate student concerns. These issues affect every student, but are too often overlooked. Title IX and Sexual Respect, Athletics, Recreation and Student Fitness, Safety, Health and Counseling Services, Diversity, and Sustainability are all areas where we can bring about concrete, immediate changes that impact the daily lives of all students on campus. We’re not running to make promises we can’t keep, and we intend to follow up with clear action. Let’s get real, and let’s get to work.

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