Statement from SGA Co-Presidential Candidates Paulina Martin and Caylie Whiteside

We, Paulina Martin and Caylie Whiteside are running to be your 2020-2021 SGA Co-Presidents on a vision of Discussing Difference, Creating Community. 

At Holy Cross, and in the wider world, when we aren’t given the opportunity to talk about and engage with each other’s experiences, it can be difficult to foster meaningful connections. We recognize that this is a problem understood by many on campus, and that many have tried to address it. We want to continue to push that agenda, working with MSOs, RSOs, and offices like the Chaplains’ Office and Dining to support their initiatives. This means starting an ENGAGE series, creating spaces for healthy dialogue of political difference, adding additional multi-faith events, promoting Worcester outreach, supporting and working with the new directors in the OME, and bringing students’ home recipes to the Kimball menu. Big change is powerful. We want to sow the seeds for long-term growth, but we also want to address the immediate gaps in student experience. We want to install printers in Hogan and the residence halls, offer healthier snack options in the library vending machines, install additional water bottle refill stations, bring back the 9 PM Mass, adjust dining to work for student-athletes, and bring free pads and tampons to restrooms, among other ideas. We understand that creating a thriving community means improving the day-to-day lives of all on this campus.

We have demonstrated experience on the SGA Executive and Legislative branches, as well as with general campus leadership through positions in Orientation, SPUD, Admissions, Theater, and RSOs. Both of us are determined, compassionate, and ready to work for the campus that has given us so much. Please follow our campaign Instagram @cayliepaulinasga to learn more.

We would love to hear your voices; you can reach out to Paulina at and Caylie at

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