Female Empowerment in the Super Bowl Halftime Show

By Ryen Cinski ’22
Opinions Editor

After every Super Bowl halftime show, I go online to see what people are tweeting about the performance. When I clicked search and saw a sea of negativity, I was extremely irritated and honestly baffled. One of the first tweets that I saw underneath the #SuperBowlHalftimeShow was a tweet from TheCyberChick that read, “How did sexually-inappropriate displays of stripping and pole dancing, grinding in barely-there leather chaps & rhinestone thong bodysuit & shaking your all-too-bare-sweaty booty become about ‘female empowerment’ for young children?”

My first piece of advice to her would be to take the obnoxious and dated term “chick” out of her username, then try again. After that’s been completed, I would advise her to identify why she really has an issue with the halftime show. Was it the two beautiful, hardworking women demonstrating their immense and vast talents? Was it the fact that Cyber Chick could never even dream of pole dancing as well as J Lo? Was it the diversity? Maybe even the important political message denouncing her favorite president who shamelessly called a woman a “fat pig” and has allowed for the torture of children at the border? Was it the sheer force of the realization that every woman on that stage was better than her?

I’m not quite sure how accurate this woman’s idea of “female empowerment” is if she can put down these women for their talent but openly support a man who thinks that it’s okay to “grab ‘em by the pussy.” Female empowerment is being comfortable in your own skin and unafraid to display your talents, whether they be your kickass singing voice or the hours of training that go into learning how to work a pole (something that is an art form that requires an extreme amount of strength, talent, and determination). J Lo and Shakira have earned their place. They are talented, confident, beautiful women who went out on that stage and did their job.

Photo courtesy of wenatcheeworld.com

Cyber Chick is just one of many who had negative things to say about the performance. There are actually individuals threatening to sue the NFL halftime show. Imagine getting so excited over J Lo and Shakira that you try to milk $867 trillion out of the NFL. My questions to those who were so offended by the show: Are you incapable of averting your gaze, of changing the channel, turning the TV off? If you don’t want your kids to see history being made by two amazing women, then send them outside.

If men violently pummeling each other before the eyes of adults and children alike is one of the most popular events of the year, then what is so bad about some women singing and dancing? Those who were so offended need to grow up, and if they can’t, they should learn how to use their TV remotes. Sexism is dying. There is no place for it anymore. Therefore, I advise everyone to appreciate the hard work, talent, and thought that went into the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show.

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