Storm Russia, They Can’t Stop All Of Us

Hannah Johnson ‘21

Snowed In

Winter break has ended, and I flew back to the motherland not long ago. I braced myself, preparing to face Russia once again, all on my own. I might be the only international student here so far, in the Russian as a Foreign Language department, and so I’m still waiting for classes to begin–I’m sure the virus scare has made travel difficult for many. With this current lonely atmosphere, you can imagine my surprise when my teachers told me they’re excited to meet 30-some Holy Cross students this summer for the Maymester programs–what I can only assume to be some kind of record.

That’s right, crusaders. In a sick revamp of the hit 2019 meme, Holy Cross is raiding Moscow this summer. This event is likely thanks to the new elementary-level Russian Maymester program; now, prerequisites won’t stop anyone from partying like a Russian (end of discussion!) Whatever the reason for the sudden growth of HC students in the summer Russia program, this is awesome, and I’m hopeful I’ll get to see y’all before my own program ends. Davay!

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