College Football Check-In: LSU, Bama, Ohio State Ahead of the Rest

Mo Amin ’23
Staff Writer

As the college football season rolls into week ten, the Crusaders still remain unranked. A small price to pay for salvation. However, the games did not disappoint this weekend with highlights such as Notre Dame at Michigan, Auburn at LSU, and Wisconsin at Ohio State. With the thriller at Death Valley, it’s safe to say LSU has faced some of the toughest opponents in its journey to the top of the college football rankings. With an impressive win against a formidable Florida defense, an early win against a tough Texas, and their latest win against astounding Auburn, the Tigers look dangerous heading into their highly anticipated matchup against Alabama next weekend.

Yet, this isn’t to say that Alabama is finally an underdog versus the LSU Tigers. Perhaps they are. With the Crimson Tide possibly missing Tua Tagovailoa, their Heisman-hopeful quarterback, and with LSU quarterback Joe Burrow making a strong case for the best signal caller in college football, it looks as though the Tigers will finally take one in this heated rivalry. A win on Saturday would be one in their last nine matchups against Alabama. However, if anyone can rally a win, it would be Nick Saban and his unparalleled resume. 

With all eyes set on LSU, the Buckeyes have been sneakily dominant in their path to an 8-0 record. With a tougher schedule than its counterparts in the top four, Ohio State has been perfect by a large margin. Would the Clemson Tigers even be in the conversation if they weren’t the defending national champions? With Justin Fields tossing dimes on his way into the Heisman conversation and the well-rounded team being fully recognized as a force in the college football scene, it’s safe to say a January playoff matchup between the Tigers and the Buckeyes would be a beauty to watch. As the weeks roll by, their last regular-season matchup against the No. 5 Nittany Lions of Penn State will be their true test of might. Will the Buckeyes hoist the college football trophy at the end?

How about them SMU Mustangs? Who would’ve thought after eight weeks they’d be ranked in the top 15 teams in the nation with an undefeated record? It’s a peculiar story, but the Mustangs have a handful of hard-fought wins to their name. The recent SMU victory over Houston makes them the first SMU team since the death penalty to win eight games with only four more games to go in their search for a perfect season. Turning to Michigan’s win against Notre Dame, there’s not much to say about the Wolverines. It’s tough to be dominant when facing the Ohio State Buckeyes at their prime in college football. However, it’s a pleasure to see great teams facing great teams and the matchups between these two are always thrillers. 

If the Crusaders’ win over Colgate wasn’t enough for college football fans, the games this past week have been nothing short of amazing. College football has always brought some of the best memories, and the matchups that await us are unprecedented. It’s an understatement to say that the New Year’s Six bowl games will be a great holiday gift to share with family and friends. With the game of the week being No. 8 Georgia versus No. 6 Florida, another battle in Jacksonville, we’ll certainly have another week of sensational college football.

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