Holy Cross “Purple goes Green” Campaign Makes Sure Everyone Knows How Green They Are

By Emanuel Parker ’22

Most members of the Holy Cross community have likely taken notice of the variety of signs around campus with the “Purple goes Green” logo. This initiative by the Holy Cross administration was designed to create awareness for the college’s efforts to help with environmental conservation.

Prospective students and their parents at last week’s open house would have surely seen the large signs used to label water refill stations. “We really wanted to make sure everyone knows that we’re making efforts to be a bit greener” noted  Alice Jameson, from the office of advancement. “Some people complained that the massive signs use too much paper, but you wouldn’t want somebody to casually walk through Smith Hall without realizing how green we’re being. It’s a necessary sacrifice.”

These negotiations about the best way to approach environmental sustainability are not uncommon between the Holy Cross administration and the student body. In the past several months, a push from students to install a composting station in Kimball, as is common in many university dining halls, has been met with resistance from the leaders of the “Purple goes Green” campaign. “It just seemed a little too hard and, honestly, who really has the time for composting anyway?” Jameson did indicate, however, that the administration always makes an effort to meet students halfway. “Of course, we were willing to make a compromise. We’ve instead had these cute little placards with the ‘Purple goes Green’ logo put in the napkin dispensers. It’s a much easier approach to saving the environment.” 

Photo by Emanuel Parker ’22

The organizers of the initiative themselves have been met with their own hurdles, as Jameson noted. “We’ve been trying to get approval from the city of Worcester to put on a fireworks display every weekend with only purple and green fireworks. The idea is to get our message out to the whole city of Worcester, but we keep getting pushback from these environmentalist groups that are worried about air pollution. We held a meeting with them and tried to explain we’re all on the same team, but they just don’t seem to get it.” Since the interview with Ms. Jameson, the firework displays have been officially canceled. Instead, the effort to educate the Worcester community on the Holy Cross “Purple goes Green” campaign has shifted to a billboard overlooking the I-290 highway with the campaign’s logo. The billboard will be installed on lower campus after 10 trees are cut down to ensure there is no view obstruction from the highway.

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  1. I applaud the efforts of the school, especially the billboard. Education at the cost of a few trees is well worth it. I’d like to suggest that the Holy Cross administration consider taking the purple goes green effort further. Water recycling technology has advanced dramatically, and the school should consider using recycled toilet water in the new water refill stations. As many know, recycled water is delivered via purple pipes, so its in keeping with the new color scheme initiative.

    The tag line could read something like: flush, refill, re-flush.

    Its a perfect closed loop system. The opportunities are endless.


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