Dinand Library Unveils New Debate Room

Gianna Cravedi ’23
Staff Writer

Over this past summer, Dinand Library’s Debate Room underwent huge renovations. The room that once held all of Dinand’s Microforms, VHS, CD, and DVD collections and that was even used by the debate society at one point has been completely transformed into a study space for everyone to enjoy. The room itself, like the rest of the second floor, is air conditioned, and is close to the Writer’s Workshop, Academic Services, and the second floor bathrooms. The new Debate Room is full of movable furniture and is placed in a Green Zone Quiet Level, making it a great place to study by yourself or with friends. 

When beginning this project, Library Director, Mark Shelton’s main goal was to “expand group study space by providing movable furniture, white boards, and a video projector.” With money from end-of-year funding and the need to increase study spaces to accommodate the expanding college, the barely used Debate room seemed like the perfect place to renovate.  Most of the furniture is on wheels, allowing students to make flexible study spaces that suit their needs. Alicia Hansen, the Head of Research, Training, and Learning, says that so far the renovation has been a “huge success in creating a new space for everyone. It’s going exactly [as] planned.” The location of the room is also helpful if you need more academic and writing assistance, or just want closer access to the bathroom when studying.

Throughout the past couple of years Dinand has been looking for ways to renovate not only study spaces but the library as a whole. The second floor itself has undergone many changes in the past couple of years, such as updating the Scalia Classroom and the Writer’s Workshop. The bathrooms throughout the library have also been renovated within the past year; the bathrooms on the second floor were re-done last year, while those in the basement were re-done over this past summer. Dinand Library plans on updating the computers in the Scalia Classroom within the next couple years. 

However, due to the new renovation the library staff had to find a new place for their Microforms, VHS, CD, and DVD collections. This “allowed [them] to better evaluate their collection and get rid of damaged and unused Microforms, VHSs, CDs, and DVDs,” says Hansen. Additionally, this helped to create better collections that are more suited to the student body. By moving the collections to the basement at the end of the Blue Room, this opened up the space that was needed for the renovations. Along with being able to check out many items from these collections, students are also able to check out portable DVD players that plug into their laptops. 

If you did not go to the new Debate Room’s open house, or haven’t been up there to study yet, why not check it out the next time you’re looking for a new place to study?

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