“Ra… ..Ra… … …Rasputin.” – Boney M.

By Hannah Johnson ‘21
Russian Queen

Privet, rebyata. This is a special report: I, the only active Holy Cross student studying abroad in Russia, have also accepted a position as an Eggplant editor. Let me tell you…ohoho… we’re in for some fun. Little by little I shall conquer the Eggplant, and eventually it shall be mine. (Don’t tell the other newspaper staff. Hopefully they, uh…don’t read…the newspaper.)

I have a question, directed at no one in particular: Why am I the only Holy Cross student here in Moscow? Let me tell you something: I am not even a Russian major or minor, or some kind of specialist in languages. I am not doing International Relations. And: I tend to be easily overwhelmed in stressful situations. What am I doing here?

Let me answer that for you: because, pochemu net? (“Why not?”) I’ll tell you what, in a situation where Holy Cross is like: “Hey, we’re having a small housing crisis, and we have all sorts of neat programs and scholarships for you if you would like to study abroad!” I’m the person going back to their booth for free samples over and over, like: “Hell yeah! Language immersion! Travel opportunities! RUSSIA!” And, in the process, maybe I’ll eat so much that I get sick, and then I realize that I’ve been at the free samples booth for so long that I miss my family and all my friends, and then maybe I’ll wonder if there’s something better I could be doing with my time besides free samples of cultural immersion and speaking a funny new language…but you know what? I ascribe by the philosophy that life is best served with a side of such free samples. These sorts of things are the spice of life–and if you never dare to venture out of the furthest reaches of your comfort zone, you will never know *what could have been.*

Anyway, I highly encourage everyone to study abroad. Especially in Russia. Bridge the east-west divide with me, and whatnot. And also come be my friend. It’s… a *little* lonely. (Or, hey, write to me if you want! If it’s a good question or something, I’ll write about it here, perhaps: reach me at Stay tuned for more “interesting” ramblings from me, and shenanigans in Moscow.

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