How Best to Use the Summer Months

Henry W. Noe ’22

Opinions Editor

In the stress during finals week and the myriad of things which must be done, oftentimes students fail to ask the question, what comes after finals? Specifically, what can be done to make the summer months the most productive and enjoyable? This answer lies in maintaining some type of work schedule and healthy reflection.

The quick, but entirely valid, answer as to what to do over the summer is pursuing a summer job. Bagging groceries at a local supermarket, waitering at a nearby restaurant, or any other job in your local community is a profitable way to fill time over the summer while also making money. Along the same vein of summer employment, taking part in summer internships is an equally valuable way to spend a summer away from Mount Saint James. Internships provide an open door for students to learn the professional side of their major and how one’s degree translates into the world economy. Many times, bonds are built and networking is done during a successful internship which can lead to a position in that same company after graduation.

Outside of work and internships, valuable reflection can take place amid the summer months. This time provide students a medium in which they can think about their past year on the Hill and where they have succeeded and failed. Crucially, this time also allows for students to think about what experiences and goals they want to strive for during their next semester at Holy Cross. Students can also take stock of what classes they enjoyed or felt were not quite for them. This discernment can assist students in discovering what major is best suited for them and what concentrations within that major they find interesting.

Thinking ahead to the end of summer, it may be in one’s best interest to look over notes and old tests from classes (which are being continued or which are within your desired major) taken during the previous semester. This review “clears the cobwebs” and primes students to have a great start to the new semester. Looking back over notes from classes which a student may be continuing the next level of is crucial as that review solidifies information which is foundational for the topics covered in the next level class. The mind benefits from this mental sharpening after taking a long time removed from such intense study.   

The romanticized view of summer being a time with perfect weather, no stress, and memories shared with friends can still be had; however, summer is also a very important time wherein students can engage in critical thought about how they want to spend the rest of their time at college and what fields capture their attention. As the sun sets on the semester, reflect and ponder about how best to spend the bright sunshine of the summer.

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