2019-2020 Election Results

Ethan Bachand ‘22

News Editor

On Wednesday, February 27, the Student Government Association released a college wide email announcing the winners of 2019-2020 election. The most important result was the election of Co-Presidents Caroline Babinski and Christian Realbuto for next year.

Elections went live the previous Monday, as students looked to campaign as much as possible in the 48 hours remaining before the polls closed. Signs and posters were littered all over campuses and dorms, as every vote in a small school election counts. Candidates relied on friends in order to promote their campaign, and in the case of the Babinski-Realbuto campaign, pass out candy.

Speaking about how they felt while the poll was open, Caroline and Christian said that “We are both amazed by and appreciative of the support and positivity surrounding both campaigns throughout the election process, and we are very proud of the campaign we ran. Our team worked very hard throughout the entire voting period, and we were so happy to hear the news that we will be serving in this role.”

They continued to praise their team and the people they talked to, stating “We were lucky enough to have a campaign team that was comprised of exceptional students who were able to help us spread the word about our platform. We could not have had a successful campaign without students who engaged with us — giving their feedback, ideas, and support.”

With the coming and passing of the official elections, there are still holes to be filled. Only the class of 2021 has a full delegation, as both 2020 and 2022 have open Senator positions. It is yet to be announced whether or not the spots are open, but as of now it certainly leaves a set of empty chairs at the SGA table.

As for our newly elected Presidents, they are ready to work. “Right now, we are excited to begin selecting students to comprise our Executive Cabinet,” they said. “We are looking forward to appointing a group of students that is representative of many communities on campus, and we cannot wait to begin working on initiatives with our Cabinet.  We are also excited to start meeting with campus administrators and students to begin dialogue on issues and concerns around campus. We are so privileged to have earned the opportunity to represent Holy Cross in this role, and we cannot wait to get to work.”

Co-Presidents Elect Caroline Babinski and Christian Realbuto.

The full election results are as follows:

2019-2020 Co-Presidents: Caroline Babinski and Christian Realbuto.

Class of 2022: Angelo Carbone (President), Meah Austin (Vice President), Michael Luciano (Treasurer), Rose Kelly (Secretary), Maggie Ober (Senator), and Karter Seitz (Senator).

Class of 2021: Christopher Cicciu (President), Gabe Piepergerdes (Vice President), Marie Robert (Treasurer), Alfonso del Aguila (Secretary), Natalie DeCoste (Senator), Noah Sisk (Senator), and Caitlin Tzimorotas (Senator).

Class of 2020: Marialena Bevilacqua (President), Charles Krumsiek (Treasurer), and Anthony Fimognari (Secretary).

Senators at Large: Michael Charla, Olivia Doherty, Meghan Gallerani, C­onnor McNerney, Helena Sabo, Margaret Telling, Zain Tirmizi, and Lindsay Vaca.

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