How To Productively Harness Time During the Semester

Henry W. Noe ’22

Opinions Editor

The first week of February has already past and time during the semester seems to slip quicker and quicker still. To harness this passing time, incentivizing organization is absolutely crucial. WIthout a clear means to aggregate assignments, keep track of files and papers, and organize meeting times and locations, college life becomes considerable more difficult. In having a more streamlined and effective means of management, students put themselves in a better position to have a productive semester.

One of the most popular and successful avenues to achieve academically efficient behavior is to dedication oneself to the use of a planner. A planner enables a student to keep track of assigned homework and papers while also providing a way for the student to plan precisely when they will work on the assignment. A planner also doubles as a mobile calendar in which students can conglomerate all of their respective meeting times,important activities, and assignments into one medium. If a student is looking for a more precise means of organization, some planners have day-to-day calendars in which every hour of every day can be planned to further minimize the risk of procrastination.

In addition to having a means to organize one’s assignments, a student must also have locations where they can dutifully work. Choosing a dorm room or a place typically devoted to rest or relaxation should be avoided because those spaces then become places where anxiety and stress grows. What is most important in choosing the best work environment for the student is reflecting on the spaces where they feel the most comfortable and poised to work. If silence or solitude is needed to best feel motivated, Dinand Library and its private study rooms provide a near-silent and removed location to sit down and get work done. Conversely, if a student best operates with some background noise to soothe their work experience, the desks on Smith Bridge or the tables about the D’Agostino Cafe provide places where a polite hum of noise can accompany work.  

Outside of working, organizing one’s personal spaces leads to a clear mind and a clearly defined place for rest. After going through a long day of class and working, a student coming back to a disorganized and convoluted mess of a room adds stress and frustration. Routinely making one’s bed and sleeping on a freshly cleaned sheet leads to a more restful sleep; furthermore, consistently building these practices into one’s day leads to greater routine building skills.

Making each day more productive than the last is a difficult paradigm to achieve. For a college student, this paradigm can be slowly inched towards through employing methods to be the most productive during work hours and most restful during time away from the books.

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