A Call to Academic Solidarity

John Buzzard ’19


It is finals season and the precious angels that are the student body of Holy Cross are simply drowning in work. As everyone has foregone social interaction in order to write their papers, it really begs the question, “Is Holy Cross just too Academically Rigorous?” Should we do more about this rather than just give the same responses? It is important to look at how every person you interact with over the course of the study period greets you with the same response, “Oh I’m doing fine but I’m dying haha just so much work.” Do they have a disease? Is this a new virus going around that makes everyone anti-social? We tried to poll the student body about their workloads. I wish I could share the results with you, but the form received zero responses from the overall population. It was a relief to receive so many emails about how students wish they could respond, but that they’re simply too busy to take the survey. In these 5 paragraph responses, it is clear that while they are academically bogged down, Holy Cross students never forget their manners.

So, with these worrying results about academic rigor, lack of social interaction, and potential life-threatening illnesses what can we do as students? There is one solution that comes to mind: to just keep complaining. As Men and Women for Others we are called to stand in solidarity with our classmates who can’t seem to make any conversation other than to complain about their workload. It’s our own fault really to expect any kind of positive interaction during the Finals Season. In order to make up for this blatant disregard of the feelings of others, let us stand together and repeat the same phrases over and over again.

Though it may be a college tradition, we can avoid having an email campaign, thought-filled dialogue, and a fishbowl/prayer vigil about this topic of academic solidarity by coming up with a concrete action plan ourselves. After 6 months of consulting with an outside party, the plan is to just keep doing the same thing. We are called to just keep complaining and even if you don’t have any work, you have to complain too. It’s not about being honest, it’s about fitting in with your classmates. You don’t want to look like a jerk when you say you only have two essays to do, right? I have 4 essays and I’m still writing this report because I’m better than you. Please pay attention to me. We are called to the action of ignoring our friends in Kimball, backing out of plans at the last minute, and being a Dinand recluse all in the name of solidarity with our friends turned martyrs. If someone tries to call you out on being an absolute jerk, just say that, “I’m standing with my friend, who is like, so stressed out about her Bio final that I just need to stay in Dinand for 6 hours on my phone.”

In this day and age, on this campus, who are we to judge our academically gifted classmates? Time management? Those aren’t words. Planning your finals schedule better? Sounds like criticism. Being a decent human being? Yeah right, don’t you see I have just too much work for that? Happy Finals, and make sure to always be an Academic Solidarity Supporter to your friends.

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