“Why Pursuing Beyond One’s Major is Important”

Henry W. Noe ’22

Opinions Editor

While at college, students are fixated on fervently pursuing their chosen vocation. As a result, some students lack diverse courses and skills that transcends the borders of their major. While the navigation of the nuances and details of one’s major is a positive, it must be met with a development in a number of different areas as well. These developments do not just bring about internal satisfaction, but also a post-graduation advantage when searching for employment.  

While present among college students, the origin of this may be in high school academia.The culture surrounding high school is rooted in the notion of forming the perfect resume or portfolio to present to colleges in order to accumulate more acceptance letters. In order to achieve this goal, students take courses that look more appealing to colleges or have the greatest positive impact on their GPA. Thus, high schoolers are trapped into taking AP and honors courses and barred from courses which may align more with what they are interested in.

Although GPA incentivization is present in college and high school today, enrolling in enjoyable classes rather than easier ones is beneficial toward one’s career after college. This path prepares students for a myriad of jobs they may be in contact with in their day-to-day career. Some skills which may spawn from this include:  solving complex problems, debating, writing, and analyzing. These skills will stay with an individual even if they see a career change.These transferable skills accumulated through a diverse education serve individuals in good stead amid a changing workplace and throughout their life. The individuals who are adept within a number of different fields are more impenetrable to workplace turnover as they have a multifaceted set of traits which can fit into a number of different positions.

Holy Cross is enabling students to attain these benefits through the common area requirements which attempts to solve this problem by levying the same subject graduation requirements unto every student. Consequently, every student has the same requirements to fulfill and one isn’t penalized for taking a class outside of their major as it likely satisfies a common area. With this in place, all that prohibits students from pursuing their passion is their decision to take a class that truly interests them or one that is easy and satisfies the requirement. Ultimately, following through with a course that provokes intrigue and intellectual vigor is courageous as, in the face of potential academic difficulty, the student does not allow that worry to override their feeling.

Through the pursuit of varied class choices that may fall outside one’s major, a more eclectic mindset is slowly obtained. This enriches one’s mind and equips individuals with the tools to impress a potential employer. Furthermore, these individuals can pursue a number of jobs as their education has enabled them to accrue a number of life-long skills. Within the individual’s pursuit of a comprehensive knowledge regarding a number of subjects, society transforms to a place where the soul can breathe uninhibited.

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