Senior Gets All Four of His Classes

Sean Lisa Maurer

“Hey! Sweet! That was so easy.” This past Thursday, a senior in Figge went four-for-four during enrollment.

“I mean, I’m not surprised. I’m going to be a second semester senior. It makes sense that I get all of the classes that are essential to my completing my college degree on time.”

Completely at ease, the senior gazed at the beautiful 7am light filtering through the window while sipping a cup of tea. “I’m glad that the professors at Holy Cross understand that seniors only have one semester left, and need certain classes to complete a minor or to fulfill a common requirement. Naturally, enrollment has only gotten easier has I’ve progressed through the years at Holy Cross!”

“It’s so easy to pick classes that I want or need because seniors are logically given preferential treatment. Wouldn’t it be absurd if I couldn’t enroll in classes that were absolutely necessary for impending graduation because seats were being held for students with 3 more years than me to complete their degree?” he said as he progressed through his morning sun salutation, nary a care in the world.

“And I’m sure if I did have trouble enrolling, my class dean would be more than helpful in assisting me” he added on a reflective note.

“No point panicking on STAR for the next hour and a half making frantic emails to professors and department heads. I’m going back to bed until my 9:30.” The senior later reported that it was the best morning of his semester.

At press time, a freshman only got two of his classes, but then realized he had 12 remaining common requirements of equal importance and 47 semesters left of college so he just switched out one of his many interchangeable courses from his backpack and was fine, enrolling in two classes in which 23 of the 20 available seats were reserved for freshmen.


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