Alleged Hate Crime Prompts Campus-Wide Response

Jackie Cannon ’20

Chief News Editor


The College of the Holy Cross community received a report of aggravated battery and assault against a student, committed in the early morning hours of October 27. The report contained few specifics of the incident, which is currently under investigation, but it did identify that the assault was allegedly motivated by bias against the victim’s sexual orientation, and took place between Clark and Brooks-Mulledy residence halls.


In the days following the release of this report, several members of the administration and the campus community responded, including President Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J., Dean Michele Murray, the Chaplain’s Office, and SGA. In their various letters to the community, they addressed the need to “come together to condemn acts of intolerance and violence, and to support those most affected by recent incidents,” as stated by Fr. Boroughs.


On Tuesday, Oct. 30, the College held a vigil on the Hoval, to pray in solidarity and offer support to those who have been victims of discriminatory violence. Fr. Boroughs also announced that there will be a “community-wide initiative” implemented soon, in order to continue to address these issues.


This report came just days after multiple other incidents of note across the country. On Friday, Oct. 26, Washington National Cathedral interred the remains of a young gay man, Matthew Shepard, who was murdered in an alleged act of hate 20 years ago. The following day, 11 Jewish individuals were shot and killed in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


“We are in a time of increasing intolerance, hate and bigotry,” wrote Boroughs. “We must and we will continue the hard work of building a campus community that not only treats each other with empathy and respect but also stands in solidarity against hate and intolerance.”


Students seeking extra support following these incidents are encouraged to reach out to the Counseling Center, the Chaplain’s Office, or Public Safety. Those with any information should contact Public Safety.


The Spire will continue to report on the ongoing response to this incident.

Photo by Tom Rettig

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