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Kate McLaughlin ’21

News Editor

Thursday, September 27th

New York, New York

The Israeli Prime Minister informed the UN of a “secret atomic warehouse” in Tehran, Iran. He came with photographs and map coordinates of the facility. This may escalate the conflict between Iran and the UN Security Council if further investigation shows that Iran violated the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal.


Paris, France

In the first case invoking a new law against verbal sexual harassment, including catcalls and unwanted and sexually aggressive speech, the French court has fined a man 300 euros for making “lewd and insulting” comments to a woman aboard a bus.


Friday, September 28th

Gaza Strip

Israeli soldiers fatally shot seven Palestinians, killing two boys. These men were among thousands participating in the weekly protests on the fortified Gaza border. Israel’s military said that its troops resorted to live fire and airstrikes to prevent breaches of the border fence from Gaza, a Hamas-controlled territory.


Weno, Micronesia

An Air Niugini plane missed the runway of an airport on the island of Weno in Micronesia and landed in the Chuuk lagoon. Many locals rushed to the plane in small boats and helped to save the passengers. All 47 passengers on the flight were safely evacuated. The cause of the crash is unclear.


Monday, October 1st

Berlin, Germany

Seven German men were arrested under suspicion of building a far-right terrorist organization called Revolution Chemnitz. Authorities said that the group’s extreme-right beliefs focused on a “revolutionary goal of triumphing over the democratic rule of law” that included “violent attacks against foreigners and those holding different political beliefs.”


Tuesday, October 2nd

Tehran, Iran

Poisonous batches of bootleg alcohol containing unknown substances have killed at least 42 people and blinded dozens of others. Police raided an underground distillery and made 31 arrests.


Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand customs announced that all travelers entering the country who refuse to disclose passwords for their digital devices could face fines of more than $3,000. Previously, customs officers were legally permitted to search devices for forensic examination only if they were believed to contain evidence of criminal activity.


Palu, Indonesia

1,234 have been reported dead from the magnitude-7.5 earthquake in Indonesia. Others are still unaccounted for and lie in the rubble of ruined buildings that were swept away by the 20 foot tsunami that followed the earthquake. Nearly 6,400 personnel are working to find survivors, recover bodies, and evacuate people from the area.


Information courtesy of the New York Times


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