Eggplant: The Best Catalina Wine Mixer Since 2008?

Ty Webb
Bushwood Club Champion

Yes, it’s the first weekend of November: the time of the year where everyone dresses up in clothes they would probably never wear out any other time of the year. You’re probably wondering: Isn’t that Halloween? Well, yes, but also the next weekend after Halloween dress-up, but this time in clothes from brands ranging from Vineyard Vines, Southern Tide, Johnnie-O, Lacoste (is that even still around?), or even Ralph Lauren. Last weekend, the Catalina Wine Mixer returned to Holy Cross. By the looks of everyone’s outfits, I felt like I was at church on Easter Sunday. And yes, I was there, sporting a nice Johnnie-O button-down shirt, a blazer, a pair of brown Sperrys (which I seem to have misplaced at the event), topped off with a fresh pair of shades and a dope Baltusrol hat. It was really the only weekend this year where I wasn’t asking myself: Am I too overdressed? In fact, it was the exact opposite. This year, Catalina was just lovely. If 20 years from now I could remember just one thing from that day, it would have to be the sweet smell of black and milds and juuls that laid its claim to the whole atmosphere of the lot. Some would say this was the best Catalina Wine Mixer of all time and,while it was a smashing good time, I think that there is one as just as good, if not better. I am of course referring to the Catalina Wine Mixer from 2008.

  I may be brought down as a traitor for even asserting such a notion, but come on, the 2008 Catalina Wine Mixer was off the charts. First off, it was run by Brennan Huff, who, if you may not know, used the wine mixer to prove himself to his brother, Derek Huff, and his fellow co-workers. There is a reason why the Catalina Wine Mixer is the single largest helicopter-leasing event on the Western Hemisphere since 1997, and it’s because of the presentation. Brennan hired a Billy Joel cover band, called Uptown Girl, who played strictly 80s Joel. However, things didn’t go as planned, as the lead singer of the cover band lost his temper and attacked a heckler in the crowd. Miraculously, Brennan, along with his step-brother Dale Doback (who provided some terrific catering) came to the rescue. The two went on the stage and did a wonderful rendition of “Por ti Volare.” It was magnificent. People were in tears, and the day was saved.

  In closing, while the Catalina Wine Mixer that took place last Saturday was a grand ole time, there is no denying that 2008’s Catalina Spectacular will go down as the greatest in the event’s 20-year history.

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