Crusader of the Week: Liam Ryan ‘19

By Alexandra Smith, Chief Culture Editor


Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Major: Economics, German Minor

Best Dorm: Clark 1 minus all the damages

Favorite Holy Cross Class: Economics of Sports

Number of All-Nighters Last Semester: 0, can’t do it

Favorite Animal: Kevin Hannan on Saturdays

Favorite Book: “The Power of Habit”

Favorite Color: Periwinkle

Favorite Movie: “Inglourious Basterds” (Christoph Waltz is the man)

Favorite TV Shows: “Rick and Morty,” “Big Mouth,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

Favorite Meal on Campus: Drew Babiak, more of a snack really

Favorite Professor and Why?: Victor Matheson, shows up to office hours in joggers. Beast.

Favorite Freshman Student: Kyle Helfrich

Favorite Sophomore Student: Single Sean New

Favorite Junior Student: Tommy Nixon (Hot Guy)

Favorite Senior Student: Nick Colangelo

Favorite Off-Campus Restaurant: Boulevard Diner after 2 a.m.

Biggest Regrets at Holy Cross: Not studying abroad/Not asking Suz Kritzmacher on a date

Embarrassing Story: I ripped my pants doing the air guitar off campus freshman year

Best Memory of Holy Cross: Freshman year spring fling

Campus Activities: Lacrosse, Chapel Choir, Sitting in Kimball all Sunday morning, Big Bros

Guilty Pleasure: Bringing a speaker into the alumni showers and ripping tunes

Bragging Rights: Reigning 3v3 intramural basketball champs

Pet Peeve: When people mispronounce Rehm library (Sounds like reem, get it together)

Favorite Cool Beans Drink: Iced Mocha.  Angie hooks it up

Number One Thing On Your HC Bucket List: Win a Patriot League Championship

Your Mantra:  Be a positive influence on the people around you


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