Crusader of the Week: Austin Miller ’18

Crusader of the Week: Austin Miller ‘18

Alexandra Smith, Chief Culture Editor


Hometown: Cranston, Rhode Island

Major: Political Science

Best Dorm: Clark

Favorite Holy Cross Class: Discerning God and Discovering Self with Professor Vodoklys

Least Favorite Holy Cross Class: Social Ethics with Karen Guth

Number of All-Nighters Last Semester: 3?

Favorite Spot on Campus: Lunch in the hoval with Lou, Reilly and Tucker

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Ice Cream: Any variation of chocolate

Favorite Movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or Catch Me If You Can

Favorite Song/Artist: Song – Glamorama,  Artist- The Killers

Favorite T.V. Shows: Thrones, True Detective, Peaky Blinders

Favorite Meal on Campus: Kimball Wings

Favorite Professor and Why? Professor Robert Green—He doesn’t sugar-coat anything.

Favorite Freshman Student (thus far): Rowan

Favorite Sophomore Student: Lynskey

Favorite Junior Student: Hanji

Favorite Senior Student: Tanji

Favorite HC Athlete to Watch: Male: Henry Lilly, Female: Kay Elia

Favorite HC Couple: Matt Fischetti and Allie Ford

HC Students that will end up together: Susan Kritzmacher and Logan Leblond

Bizarre thing you have seen on campus: A unaccompanied baby on the library steps (Fall 2016)

Something you love about Worcester: Taking the Safe Ride home on Thursday nights

Something you dislike about Worcester: Sean Cobb’s skin

Favorite Off-Campus Restaurant: THE Flying Rhino

Biggest Regrets at Holy Cross: Letting Mike Sise go abroad for a whole year (he’s changed)

Embarrassing Story: I peed my pants this summer after the Belmont Stakes

Best Memory of Holy Cross: Completing a 3-day juice cleanse with Lenny, Scott, Aidan, and Fox and sophomore year spring weekend

Campus Activities: Co-ed intramural soccer, Dance Class, Keeping up with Ryan Long, Working in the mailroom, Entrepreneurs Club, Socializing in the hoval

Guilty Pleasure: “Crazy, Stupid, Love” with Steve Carrell and Ryan Gosling

Hobbies at school: Attending the Worcester Art Museum with my class, Dance, doing my laundry at 29 Caro, feeding the stray cats that hang out around the lot, Bullying Szn

Something gross about you: My messed up left big toe (contact for pictures)

Pet Peeve: Anyone who plays the 11 Boyden piano (except Gordon Farley)

Favorite Cool Beans Drink: Iced Mocha with 6 espresso shots ($7.95)

Bragging Rights: My car smells like crayons and there’s nothing I can do about it

Role Model : Tim O’Brien (‘17)

Your Mantra: Try anything once

One Thing You Would Change at Holy Cross: On-campus late night food options

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