Senate Segment

Edited by Allyson Noenickx

Embrace Ambition and WoFo RSO Spotlight

This week we were joined by Women’s Forum (WoFo), an RSO on campus that promotes feminist dialogue through weekly meetings and events, including the Vagina Monologues and a gender wage-gap bake sale. Take note, they will soon no longer call themselves the Women’s Forum, but instead the Feminist Forum as a way to be more inclusive. WoFo is teaming with us this week as we launch Embrace Ambition, a female empowerment campaign by the Tory Burch Foundation here at Holy Cross. Come find us at the lobby tables in Hogan to take the pledge and sign the board.

NEW RSO: Personal Investment Club

We are excited to announce the Personal Investment Club is one of our newest RSOs. It seeks to reach out to students from all academic backgrounds who would like to learn more about trading and investing in the stock market, beyond just the finance profession. Personal Investment Club aims to teach about research methods, how to invest wisely, financial literacy. Congrats!

NEW RSO: Peace of Mind

Our other new RSO is Peace of Mind. Spearheaded by Kara Cuzzone ’19, this inspiring club aims to foster creativity and self-expression and help create healthier atmosphere on campus through art and reflection. After holding two successful workshops already, they are planning an upcoming workshop with “spring cleaning” theme. Congrats!

Turn Your ZZZ’s into A’s Campaign

Senator and Intellectual Life Chairwoman Holly Nord ’17 has been working to promote healthy sleep habits after researching about the negative effects of caffeine, erratic sleep schedules, alcohol, and screen time.

RSO Re-recognition for 2017-2018

Congratulations to all RSOs who were re-recognized for the 2017-2018 school year. A special thank-you to all those on our RSO Committee for their hard work!

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