The Importance of Involvement

By John Buzzard

One of the most important parts of the college experience is getting involved in clubs, teams, and organizations. When you get involved in clubs, you are opening yourself up to a world of brand new opportunities and interests. This is most important to first year students because extracurricular involvement can set the tone for your college years. With this in mind, it is also very important for sophomores and upperclassmen to also get involved or keep up interest in an organization. To be involved in an organization is to add another layer to college life.

As we had our Co-Curricular Extravaganza last week, there are going to be plenty of first meetings or practices coming up. At these meetings you will be able to help shape the organization and plan for the year. It’s important to gauge whether or not a club really appeals to you and if you want to continue to be involved. If this seems appealing, by all means stick it out and continue to be an active member. Everything at the College is a challenge, but it is also a choice. No one is forcing you to join or drop an extracurricular in which you are involved.

The benefits of joining a club are centered on the people and the opportunities. Clubs allow you to meet people with similar interests who can help you expand those interests. For a first-year student, the people you may meet in an organization could become friends throughout your four years. You can find role models or people to look up to because of the ventures you choose to join.

The leadership of any club is always looking for new members that are willing to be active and help out. There are also many opportunities available with clubs and organizations. For example, if you join a service organization like SPUD, you might see that service is something that you want to continue doing after you graduate. Organizations have the potential to be launching points for future endeavors. But before all this, you must join an organization first.

For older students, there are still plenty of incentives to join clubs or become leaders. It’s never too late to find your interests. There could be a student organization out there that serves your interests and you may have just never heard about them. There’s also the chance that a certain club may not exist, and in that case you could be the one to found it. The College provides ample opportunities for clubs to be formed. For older students within clubs, there may be a chance for leadership. This is an opportunity to become that role model for the younger students and provide a welcoming environment for new recruits.

Joining a club is pivotal to the college experience. I would recommend looking for clubs based on your interests and contacting their chair or captain in order to attend a meeting. Your college experience can head in a brand new direction; all it takes is one step.

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