Staff of the Week: Jordan Colon

By John Kim

  1. Hometown: Chicopee, MA
  2. Current position on campus: CDC
  3. What is it about being a CDC that you enjoy it so greatly?: Getting to know people and help them through their college experience.
  4. Role Model: Either JK Rowling, who is basically the best, or Michelle Obama because she’s life goals.
  5. Education: M.A. in psychology & counseling; B.A. in history; B.A. in political science.
  6. Hobbies: Tennis, Reading and watching T.V.
  7. Favorite Subject: Psychology
  8. Least Favorite Subject: English
  9. Favorite Animal: Lemur
  10. Favorite Book: Besides “Harry Potter”? “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote
  11. Favorite Color: Blue
  12. Favorite Movie: “A Time to Kill”
  13. Favorite Song: “Beside You” by Marianas Trench
  14. Favorite Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers, Golden State Warriors (though I rarely watch basketball), and the Red Sox. My favorite sport is tennis, which doesn’t have teams.
  15. Favorite TV Shows: “Friends,” “How to Get Away with a Murder,” “Scandal,” “American Horror Story,” “Criminal Minds”
  16. Favorite On-Campus Meal: “The sandwich,” which happens every third Thursday in Crossroads. It’s glorious: turkey, bacon, arugula, cranberry mayo.
  17. Favorite Off-Campus Meal: Chipotle and El Patron. So good!
  18. Favorite Aspect of Occupation: Being able to make good connections with people, so that’s pretty awesome.
  19. One Thing in Your Bucket List: It’s cliché, but I just want to travel to as many places as possible, and probably live somewhere outside of New England for a little while.
  20. Unique Talent: Ability to coin a catchphrase.
  21. Proudest Moment at Holy Cross: Watching students with whom have good relationships walk across the stage and receive their diplomas.
  22. Something Your Residents/RA’s Do that Frustrate You: Spend hours complaining about how much work they have to do.
  23. Advice to Your Residents/RA’s: “Do and try things you’ve never thought you would do. College is a relatively safe place to do things out of your comfort zone.”
  24. Your Mantra: “Do you, but do better.”
  25. If you can change one thing about the college, what would it be?: The location, hands down. I’ve never really gotten into Worcester.
  26. What do you admire most about Holy Cross?: Probably its dedication to service.
  27. Any other comments: This interview really stresses me out. Whenever I’m asked a specific question like name a funny experience, my mind goes completely blank.

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