Q: How can I make healthy choices over the holidays?

A: The holiday season is rapidly approaching: a time for celebration, togetherness, and reflection on life’s blessings. This time of year can also often pose challenges to our health, but by following a few simple tips we can enjoy this season of joy and thanksgiving!

  1. Eat well and stay active: Indulge in holiday treats in moderation and consider healthy, tasty substitutes for foods high in fat or sugar. Find time to stay active and continue routines of physical activity.
  2. Prevent illness: Wash your hands often to avoid catching the cold and flu in the winter months.
  3. Travel safely: Whether you are taking a plane long distances or simply driving across town, take additional precautions to ensure a safe trip.
  4. De-stress: The holidays can often become stressful with increased shopping and many commitments to family and friends. Be sure to get proper sleep and to take time for yourself.

For additional suggestions on holiday health and safety, visit https://www.cdc.gov/family/holiday/

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