Freshman Finds 10 Ways to Say the Same Thing to Continue Forced Conversation with Roommate

In an amazing display of the extent of the English language, Holy Cross freshman finds 10 ways to say the same exact thing to her roommate to fill the void during the walk from Hanselman to Kimball.

“Yeah, we’re not that close,” the word-bender explained to Crusader reporters. “But I’m not close enough with anyone else yet to eat meals with them. This is fine, really. It works. At least I’m not eating alone,” she muses, as if trying to convince herself.

Her reported utterances included but were not limited to“That’s crazy,” “I can’t believe that,” “I am honestly shocked,” “That is weird,” “That is so weird,” and “That is SO weird!”

When asked what the conversation pertained to, the girl stated, “It was about, uh, a test she had just taken. No wait, maybe a boy from over the weekend? No, no, it was definitely about her weird dream last night.”

At press time, while both girls were silently waiting for their stir-fry, the girl had come up with an 11th, and is now considering majoring in English.

Photograph Credits: Holy Cross

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