Battle of the Bands: A Night to Remember

Caroline Muniz ‘23

Features Editor

Photo courtesy of Valentina Moran ’23
Battle of the Bands on the Hoval

Last Friday, the Hoval came alive with the music by a variety of student bands and musical acts that battled it out. The performers consisted of Griffin Weigel, The Business, Güero SFR, Missionary, Fat Morgan, Munkee, The Minutemen, Will Guckin & Alexander Natalizio, Palisade, and Clay Street Band. The winner of this competition will be performing as the opener for the upcoming Spring concert. 

As someone who has not been able to be on campus for a Battle of the Bands event due to covid as well as being abroad for a semester, I was greatly looking forward to experiencing this event for the first time. The different bands and acts have been practicing all around campus in preparation, allowing the excitement for this event to grow.

The Hoval was transformed into two separate stages in which they were fully equipped with speakers, microphones and more. The two stages allowed for one act to prepare and set up while the other while still performing in order to keep the event moving. Each act brought their own instruments. Each musical act had a unique sound and look that was specifically unique to them. No two acts were the same. Crusaders were able to experience a variety of different genres and it was truly an experience like no other. The talent that was bursting from the Hoval stage was unmatched. 

As the night went on and the performances continued the already packed Hoval managed to attract even more students. While the Hoval grass was packed with students on blankets, the walkway itself was also crowded with students who also wanted to watch. As the sun set more and more, the community only grew. Throughout the night, there was a consistent crowd of people supporting these artists. The sunset and the buzzing crowd created an electric experience of students singing along and dancing to the beat of a variety of songs. 

By the end of the night, once the sun had set and the night had fallen, students and performers were eager to hear who won the competition. After much deliberation, the winner was revealed to be the band Missionary! These four students performed various rock songs and brought great energy to the Hoval, and they will certainly do the same as they open for the upcoming Spring concert. 

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